Leather Laptop Sleeve

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Color: black
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  • The small and compact laptop sleeve with an invisible built-in stand provides enough room without being too bulky.

  • It is an instant conversion to the built-in stand which allows you to adjust position.

  • The card slot and the front pockets are designed to act as extra storage.

  • Constructed with %100 calfskin full grain leather, and suede interior lining.

  • Interior is incredibly soft to the touch, scratch-free and provides extra protection.

  • The innovative fold-in flap structure makes it sturdy and stable enough to prop up your device.



This product is made from 100% calfskin leather. To keep your item clean use a damp cloth and keep it away from chemicals, perfumes and oils as contact with these materials and / or excessive rubbing against other surfaces may cause your product to be damaged or affect the color.

ergonomic design

Seamless experience from a sleeve to a laptop stand. Thanks to its exclusive smart-folding design, Bozok Laptop Sleeve can fold into a stand in one second, bringing you ergonomic perfection anywhere.


The leather we use in our products is produced from the finest grade leather. The difference is in its outstanding appearance, feel, and durability. 

soft interior lining

Interior lining is made from suede which is incredibly soft to the touch, scratch-free and provides extra protection.

designed to prevent heating

Innovative standing design gives a better viewing and typing angle helping you avoid bad posture pain. It also provides enough room for ventilation to help prevent heating.


Full-grain leather is from the uppermost layer of the animal hide and is the finest form of leather material. As it is taken from the strongest layer of the hide, the leather is very challenging to work with and takes the finest, most experienced artisans to manipulate into shape. This level of expertise will guarantee you a unique and quality product.

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